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From Madrid, Spain is your oyster. From here we plan routes not just in the rich heartland of Castilla which includes some of the most stunning countryside, as well holding many secrets and traditions of old Spain´s rich history; but also we can chauffeur you across Spain so you can enjoy a private bespoke holiday experience without parallel. As well as winding our way through some of the best scenery in southern Europe you will also experience Spain at its best. Sure in the knowledge that your English-Speaking driver and guide will be there all the way to ensure that every step is planned and executed for the perfect itinerary.

We organise all pre-purchased entrance tickets to museums, monasteries and castles as well as other sites avoid on the day queuing, as well as providing local and official English-Speaking guides that bring every destination to life.

Our popular day trip excursions from Madrid include:

  • Toledo and Consuegra- situated around 45 minutes to the south of Madrid in the province of Castilla La Mancha, Toledo was founded by the Romans and was an important centre of trade. It became most prominent as the capital of Visigoth Spain who usurped the Romans in the fifth century and ruled until their defeat at the hands of the Moorish invaders in the eighth century before its "reconquest" by the Christians in the 11th century. It remained the pre-eminent city in Spain until the reign of Carlos I who made it the capital of his imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire whose double headed eagle is still its symbol. The many churches, synagogues as well as the great cathedral ( and primacy of Spain) can be fully explained with a local guide. After we head to Consuegra with its famous windmills ( made famous by Don Quixote) and castle befor returning to Madrid.

  • El Escorial and El Valle del Caidos – From Madrid this route takes us along the scenic route to visit the town of San Lorenzo with its famous Monastery Palace of El Elscorial, built by Phillip II of Spain and world heritage site. We can provide a guide to show you this most impressive building and gardens with its magnificent vistas over the Sierra. After we can stop for lunch in a traditional Castilian tavern before heading the 10 minute drive to the forbidding Valley of the Fallen which was until December 2019 the resting place of General Franco.

  • Segovia and La Granja - founded by the Romans, and with its famous aquaduct that dates back over 2000 years, Segovia, situated in the province of Castilla y Leon, some 45 minutes from Madrid is a " must see " in the region. Its ancient walls that have seen Roman, Visigoth and Moorish invaders hide a beautifully preserved medieval city whose highlights include the Alcazar, cathedral and Jewish quarter

  • Winery Visits and Tasting - we offer a variety of routes that include all DO wines in the region; Madrid, Mentrida, Cuenca, Toledo as well as private estates. In all we offer a day trip package of chauffeur transfers to and from the winery, local expert wine tasting and estate and vineyard tour including lunch. -

We have established routes for longer journeys of discovery across Spain including

  • La Ruta del Plata – From Madrid through the hearland of Estremedura to Sevilla.

  • La Ruta del Vino – A wine dream from Madrid through the different D.O regions including Ribera del Duero and La Rioja

  • La Ruta del Sur – Heading through the national park of Despeñaperros and finalizing in Granada

  • Excursions from Madrid to Toledo, Segovia, Avila, El Elscorial, Chinchon amongst others.

Our experienced travel and tour manager will be delighted to plan with you a road trip to remember.